Nomadic Lover

by Super Garlic vs. Funky Onion

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Love describes more than just relationships, sex and sexuality. We can love colors. Or music. Or food. Or a book. Or a TV show. Or the way the birds always warn you about the weather. But to truly love anything, we need to respect and learn and discover and not be afraid to attempt new things. Traditions are great, but when they compromise the chance to evolve, they become our own personal prisons. Expand your traditions and continue to adventure for the sake of mankind - Anthony Iozzo


released December 7, 2013

Cover art (also used as background in booklet) and the back page art is by Sonja Lange. Memory (aka Jason Kempen) wrote lyrics and performs on Endless Possibilities. All other lyrics are by Anthony Iozzo.
Music is mixed, mastered and produced by Anthony Iozzo. Notes for each individual track included under each individual song.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Tequila sunrise
Celebrate with orgasmic dances
A fancy feast of tequila and rising pulses
Romance and love and dirty duck pics
Chilling with vag badgers, getting their fix
Sex is about passion, expression, about getting off
Give and take, equal emotions
And it doesn’t have to be about individuality,
Fuck marriage, rather live in the moment, in harmony
With open-minded souls that break the mold
And help the world realize we can all be unique
And sing to our own tune
While caring and not smothering
That is when true friendship with loving benefits can be begin
Adventure, if only for short time, because life comes and goes
And the ghosts of what could have been will choke
No regrets but too many what ifs will soak
Into your mind until you scream Fuck!
Interesting encounters, new moments
All just ripples in the space-time continuum
Lost in another dimension

Instead we should sing and dance and smack some ass,
If you like that sort of thing, get out the rope and handcuffs
And rage with the best

Tequila Sunrise
Is when you're tangled up
Naked and unstuck
Lost in a moment of bliss
The surprise is
You can keep dancin
And no one will judge your sly grin
Track Name: High-class stamina
An emotion
Real, not chemical
Slow motion
Heart beats and sunsets till autumn, we’re castin
Shadows with eyes pinched, opening
Like two corpse flowers blooming, awakening
The demise of a decade, ignorant surroundings
Suddenly you ride
And spread out
Sounds of self-confidence boom and shout
Reverberating an aura about,
Your smile echoes god-like tendencies
Pleases passers-by you chose, including enemies,
You tip your hat, lift your skirt,
leather-studded gloves,
Whatever you do, whatever you become,
you are a volcano ready to erupt
And everyone wants to pluck from your wake
Lava to bake the skins and shed, shake
the damage from a hundred alien suns

Because every altering experience
Leaves you awake to a new day
A little column A, A little pain

But you are different, interesting,
You are on a quest, not lost, screaming passion
A vibe that saved the lives of 100 connections
Just with a smile, one confident gesture
The act hid the fact your eyes burn
More and more , sleepless nights, weak to the core

Stamina for a lifetime
Time to rise up
strive to find the pinnacle

Strive to find the pinnacle
Scrape the barnacles
Off the boat that is out of control
Your life is out of control
Where should you go?
Chill, it is only the early afternoon, you know
Give me three stacks of high society
As I gamble my ego, my personality, my confidence
Let you see the boundaries of my existence
For I will always be me
Never a quickie, always a passionate, intense love
Hanky panky in every room in the house, even above in
The attic,
Cause everywhere I go, I bring my frantic adventurous tonic, beautifully chaotic
Track Name: Second chances, Fool's Gold
Sometimes we run
But all catches on
In a static rift in time
A poet’s rhyme
Carved into the splinters, before the sight
hovering, what a height
Watching all the ants below
Sweep the valley,
Blue-green maroon hills roll,
Glow, Reflect hope

Sitting in the sun, warmth
Go forth
And dream
as granules of sand, scorch,
Scrape like glass on callused heels
Pebbles stuck between my toes, feel
The need for cool water and my feet burrow
deeper within the beach box sorrow
Drenched with salty tears,
Sweaty imprints turn to clay as we stare
Into a breeze, waves crash on the shore,
Seashell music to my ears
And you lie next to me, lost in an empty bottle
Wishing you were a genie, a treasure map,
Or perhaps the words on the pages
That provide shade as you ponder
The written works of authors
And how they could possibly relate to your core
looks like a sponge to soak up, hope, believe
But really is frozen in a hardened state like coral reef
Track Name: Enjoy the view
There are some that give no chances
until life becomes frantic
Hit the panic
Button as friends and romantics
Discover gin and tonic
Is an escape, your hypnotic
And Pain is chronic, cries bend in sonic
Waves of static
When wind blows chaotic
It’s ironic
That dreams, that and this
Just a wish
Not spells cast by a witch
Just systematic, volcanic
Raindrops lick, quick you can,
forget the plan, escape, build a dam
of olive branches to lift
yourself from the quicksand

As wormholes appear in journals
And blogs
Clearing the fog
Building block memories talk
Into a megaphone to scream over your thoughts
The plot
Is one sought over centuries of failed
Experiments, due to the fact
You never closed your eyes
And reached out
For a hand
In front, beside your route
Break free of the doubt

We are working and riding
Toward our destination
And we’ve no fucking clue where we’re off to
Walk, don’t run
Just enjoy the view
Track Name: Alive!
Rollin in the mud
Thuds to the shins,
Love and sex and sin
Music blowin in the wind
Instant, fanatical bliss
As the big witch
Blinks and
Ragers link
mold into one instant, one moment
Energy prisms gather, an omen
in the rain and sun, together
we fuck with Blood, sweat and fun
But are we really sinners
To escape harsh winters
With warm bodies and
Alcoholic dinners?
Or is it human nature
to just be animalistic creatures
Searching for the pinnacle, the main feature?
Fuck it, it’s the same thing, said my teacher
Cause we dance with romantic gestures
Only for a chance to adventure with chaotic ventures

Chorus: And I find the rhyme that spins my mind
In a hundred directions at one time
Grind the gears and be alive!

Finishing touches
On the lust, this
Systematic, tantric quest
Busts, it
crusts into a
Rhythmic must,
Don’t be sick
Quick, better fucking rip
The hearts from their chest
Let the jester, pester the actor
who creates millions of characters
to teach love and hate and fuck to her
and him and that weird looking human in the corner
Forlorn and torn
The punks mourn in pits of thrashing, get louder,
Fight the Motherfuckers born into power
Like towers and electricity
The plug slips in and hits the spot, the switch
Now the orgasm licks
when the light, goes on and music clicks,
the sound of time in your head,
Happy but misled, you scream instead

Track Name: Rhythmic truths
Chorus: Workin on beats with a case of beer all by my lonesome
but have a big smile on my face as the synths reveal my emotions.
No tears. No anger. No fears.
Just me and my work station.
Can't you hear? This is the anthem of the year, screams made through a system,
an instrumental that bears all and reveals rhythms
stored away within the caverns of my mind.
Take a listen,
the truth you might find.

Working on a thesis
My heart synthesizes
Sympathizes, splits its love
Paralyzes, I’m stuck,
And the only way out
Is to shout, freedom!
Instances of silence
Awakened by a lioness
Not the finest hour
To discover
Life that isn’t vinegar. Just happiness
But sitting back never solved passionless
with asinine madness, no one is saved,
drama, anger, none of it pays,
Planets circle in the sky,
cyclical, they sing, they cry,
Stories, fables of star giants,
Epic poetry, timeless, winding, blinding,
Environments made to be binding,
Unforgiving to change
But what about the galaxy, the Milky Way?
It stretches and spins to different destinations, begins again
The stars dance within, pons in a game no one can win,

I am the galaxy, you are the stars,
Rhythmic truths, you rage in between my mind and my heart

Track Name: Craving connections
Chorus: I lie and I wait
For the connection
I sigh and berate
The lack of affection
No satisfaction
When will I find
A new vibe
And drive

Bumping the music through the streets
To express me
And celebrate you, plant the seed
In minds as the rhymes
Spit out speakers
Like independent creatures
Telling a story
Rehashing adventure, experience, the glory
And the evil that provides a balanced personality

And now your character is alive
The name echoes, time passes
And the sounds bounce and die
Reborn, they ride the waves
And surf until it fades
Cyclical games

Sitting back, I hide from the cracks
Until they become gaping holes
And then I jump and attack
So I can pull them back and close
The seeping memories, my muse
And the clues it gives
To my existence
It's really just a distortion of my experience
Cause I am not the child I was in grade school
And I’m not the dude in high school
No, not even that fly mutha from college,
I am just a conglomeration, a collage
And my stories are the only thing that can reveal a piece of who I am

Track Name: Hiding in the shadows
Sometimes I sing as if
No one can hear
Cause in my mind, tonight
No one is there
As Depression wipes the fear
Leaves no emotion,
No room to be scared,
It hurts the most with nothing to feel
As the ghost
Is here to steal
Leave an empty shell, layers peeled
And tossed away
I can’t even be angry, sad, wild or tame
My memories are just skeletons
And silhouettes, images without captions
Fasten the belt, tie the lace, shield from crashin
As the light succumbs to the shadows
I disappear, twisted and hollowed
No one to follow to the gallows
But this is a natural progression
Of love lost
Fading aggression, A challenge of one’s self
And I keep failin the test, the path, the quest
The road is not clear
As I steer in the dark
I can’t stop, no where to park
Soon, I will be out of gas, the car shakes and twerks,
Soon, the stresses will clean and jerk
And I will awake as the sun’s rays seep through the quilt
In my window, time to forget, to work,
Until the ghost and the darkness returns
It’s a disease that only gets worse
No one ever knows when its there
And No one ever seems to care
Track Name: In search of wisdom
In search of wisdom
We study abroad
Watch the stars above

In search of love
We study profiles and martini holding dolls
Watch them dance an endless song

In search of legends
We educate and read journals
Science, mythical wormholes

But the search continues on as we plunder
Decades of right and wrong, we tumble
Realizing all is not enough; we march until the road crumbles
An endless journey as nomadic lovers
Track Name: Nomadic lover
Travel from one to the other
Liar, lost inside her
You crumble, a tide occurs,
And your high above, this is absurd,
Is it love?
No, a moment of regret hidden under a rug.

Did I tell you she has a great smile?

Stop, nothing twists the knot
Like switching positions, inching to talk.
nearing a situation of lust.
Trust is a whore on a bus to discuss
the fuss of getting paid to fuck.
This isn’t a change, it’s a chemical exchange, no pain,
Leave in vain, covered in stains,
As the door slams, nothing to face.

Static and smothered, I’m a nomadic lover

Your wit, your charisma, your glamour,
All attributes that falter, when your
High as fuck off sex and love.
the sun sets faster,
You’ll never master the balance of
Laughter and pleasure

Did I tell you she’s the one?

My head rattles as I shine dopamine,
Levels to cope and lean to invoke
But lost, a cloud of smoke and dust,
As I run away again
Commitment? Rather sip on the gin.
Rock out the martini, tap the barrel and sing,
An enthusiast of everything.

Static and smothered, I’m a nomadic lover

Dinner for two, double dates to escape
Flirt with anyone to forget your fate
You have a choice to make
And no matter how close you are to maturity
The thought of settling down is insanity
So you run and you hide
And you climb into a hole
Only to find the parts you stole
From your individual goal
And now you have to climb back
Realize the one is just a drug
You were addicted but now?
You’re in luck.
Love is a chemical
But Caring is real.

Static and smothered, I’m a nomadic lover