1-second samples of Tegan and Sara, "So Jealous" and "Divided", and System of a Down "Stremline." 2-second sample from System of a Down "A.D.D." Dialogue samples from Young Frankenstein.


Rollin in the mud
Thuds to the shins,
Love and sex and sin
Music blowin in the wind
Instant, fanatical bliss
As the big witch
Blinks and
Ragers link
mold into one instant, one moment
Energy prisms gather, an omen
in the rain and sun, together
we fuck with Blood, sweat and fun
But are we really sinners
To escape harsh winters
With warm bodies and
Alcoholic dinners?
Or is it human nature
to just be animalistic creatures
Searching for the pinnacle, the main feature?
Fuck it, it’s the same thing, said my teacher
Cause we dance with romantic gestures
Only for a chance to adventure with chaotic ventures

Chorus: And I find the rhyme that spins my mind
In a hundred directions at one time
Grind the gears and be alive!

Finishing touches
On the lust, this
Systematic, tantric quest
Busts, it
crusts into a
Rhythmic must,
Don’t be sick
Quick, better fucking rip
The hearts from their chest
Let the jester, pester the actor
who creates millions of characters
to teach love and hate and fuck to her
and him and that weird looking human in the corner
Forlorn and torn
The punks mourn in pits of thrashing, get louder,
Fight the Motherfuckers born into power
Like towers and electricity
The plug slips in and hits the spot, the switch
Now the orgasm licks
when the light, goes on and music clicks,
the sound of time in your head,
Happy but misled, you scream instead



from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved