Dialogue samples from Star Wars and Road Trip.


There are some that give no chances
until life becomes frantic
Hit the panic
Button as friends and romantics
Discover gin and tonic
Is an escape, your hypnotic
And Pain is chronic, cries bend in sonic
Waves of static
When wind blows chaotic
It’s ironic
That dreams, that and this
Just a wish
Not spells cast by a witch
Just systematic, volcanic
Raindrops lick, quick you can,
forget the plan, escape, build a dam
of olive branches to lift
yourself from the quicksand

As wormholes appear in journals
And blogs
Clearing the fog
Building block memories talk
Into a megaphone to scream over your thoughts
The plot
Is one sought over centuries of failed
Experiments, due to the fact
You never closed your eyes
And reached out
For a hand
In front, beside your route
Break free of the doubt

We are working and riding
Toward our destination
And we’ve no fucking clue where we’re off to
Walk, don’t run
Just enjoy the view


from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved