Hiding in the shadows

from by Super Garlic vs. Funky Onion



Dialogue sample from the Ghost and the Darkness


Sometimes I sing as if
No one can hear
Cause in my mind, tonight
No one is there
As Depression wipes the fear
Leaves no emotion,
No room to be scared,
It hurts the most with nothing to feel
As the ghost
Is here to steal
Leave an empty shell, layers peeled
And tossed away
I can’t even be angry, sad, wild or tame
My memories are just skeletons
And silhouettes, images without captions
Fasten the belt, tie the lace, shield from crashin
As the light succumbs to the shadows
I disappear, twisted and hollowed
No one to follow to the gallows
But this is a natural progression
Of love lost
Fading aggression, A challenge of one’s self
And I keep failin the test, the path, the quest
The road is not clear
As I steer in the dark
I can’t stop, no where to park
Soon, I will be out of gas, the car shakes and twerks,
Soon, the stresses will clean and jerk
And I will awake as the sun’s rays seep through the quilt
In my window, time to forget, to work,
Until the ghost and the darkness returns
It’s a disease that only gets worse
No one ever knows when its there
And No one ever seems to care


from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved