High​-​class stamina

from by Super Garlic vs. Funky Onion



An emotion
Real, not chemical
Slow motion
Heart beats and sunsets till autumn, we’re castin
Shadows with eyes pinched, opening
Like two corpse flowers blooming, awakening
The demise of a decade, ignorant surroundings
Suddenly you ride
And spread out
Sounds of self-confidence boom and shout
Reverberating an aura about,
Your smile echoes god-like tendencies
Pleases passers-by you chose, including enemies,
You tip your hat, lift your skirt,
leather-studded gloves,
Whatever you do, whatever you become,
you are a volcano ready to erupt
And everyone wants to pluck from your wake
Lava to bake the skins and shed, shake
the damage from a hundred alien suns

Because every altering experience
Leaves you awake to a new day
A little column A, A little pain

But you are different, interesting,
You are on a quest, not lost, screaming passion
A vibe that saved the lives of 100 connections
Just with a smile, one confident gesture
The act hid the fact your eyes burn
More and more , sleepless nights, weak to the core

Stamina for a lifetime
Time to rise up
strive to find the pinnacle

Strive to find the pinnacle
Scrape the barnacles
Off the boat that is out of control
Your life is out of control
Where should you go?
Chill, it is only the early afternoon, you know
Give me three stacks of high society
As I gamble my ego, my personality, my confidence
Let you see the boundaries of my existence
For I will always be me
Never a quickie, always a passionate, intense love
Hanky panky in every room in the house, even above in
The attic,
Cause everywhere I go, I bring my frantic adventurous tonic, beautifully chaotic


from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013
Dialogue samples from Rounders and Love at First Bite.



all rights reserved