Travel from one to the other
Liar, lost inside her
You crumble, a tide occurs,
And your high above, this is absurd,
Is it love?
No, a moment of regret hidden under a rug.

Did I tell you she has a great smile?

Stop, nothing twists the knot
Like switching positions, inching to talk.
nearing a situation of lust.
Trust is a whore on a bus to discuss
the fuss of getting paid to fuck.
This isn’t a change, it’s a chemical exchange, no pain,
Leave in vain, covered in stains,
As the door slams, nothing to face.

Static and smothered, I’m a nomadic lover

Your wit, your charisma, your glamour,
All attributes that falter, when your
High as fuck off sex and love.
the sun sets faster,
You’ll never master the balance of
Laughter and pleasure

Did I tell you she’s the one?

My head rattles as I shine dopamine,
Levels to cope and lean to invoke
But lost, a cloud of smoke and dust,
As I run away again
Commitment? Rather sip on the gin.
Rock out the martini, tap the barrel and sing,
An enthusiast of everything.

Static and smothered, I’m a nomadic lover

Dinner for two, double dates to escape
Flirt with anyone to forget your fate
You have a choice to make
And no matter how close you are to maturity
The thought of settling down is insanity
So you run and you hide
And you climb into a hole
Only to find the parts you stole
From your individual goal
And now you have to climb back
Realize the one is just a drug
You were addicted but now?
You’re in luck.
Love is a chemical
But Caring is real.

Static and smothered, I’m a nomadic lover


from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved