Second chances, Fool's Gold

from by Super Garlic vs. Funky Onion



Dialogue samples from Rev. Mike. 2-second sample from Nine Inch Nails "La Mer"


Sometimes we run
But all catches on
In a static rift in time
A poet’s rhyme
Carved into the splinters, before the sight
hovering, what a height
Watching all the ants below
Sweep the valley,
Blue-green maroon hills roll,
Glow, Reflect hope

Sitting in the sun, warmth
Go forth
And dream
as granules of sand, scorch,
Scrape like glass on callused heels
Pebbles stuck between my toes, feel
The need for cool water and my feet burrow
deeper within the beach box sorrow
Drenched with salty tears,
Sweaty imprints turn to clay as we stare
Into a breeze, waves crash on the shore,
Seashell music to my ears
And you lie next to me, lost in an empty bottle
Wishing you were a genie, a treasure map,
Or perhaps the words on the pages
That provide shade as you ponder
The written works of authors
And how they could possibly relate to your core
looks like a sponge to soak up, hope, believe
But really is frozen in a hardened state like coral reef


from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved