Celebrate with orgasmic dances
A fancy feast of tequila and rising pulses
Romance and love and dirty duck pics
Chilling with vag badgers, getting their fix
Sex is about passion, expression, about getting off
Give and take, equal emotions
And it doesn’t have to be about individuality,
Fuck marriage, rather live in the moment, in harmony
With open-minded souls that break the mold
And help the world realize we can all be unique
And sing to our own tune
While caring and not smothering
That is when true friendship with loving benefits can be begin
Adventure, if only for short time, because life comes and goes
And the ghosts of what could have been will choke
No regrets but too many what ifs will soak
Into your mind until you scream Fuck!
Interesting encounters, new moments
All just ripples in the space-time continuum
Lost in another dimension

Instead we should sing and dance and smack some ass,
If you like that sort of thing, get out the rope and handcuffs
And rage with the best

Tequila Sunrise
Is when you're tangled up
Naked and unstuck
Lost in a moment of bliss
The surprise is
You can keep dancin
And no one will judge your sly grin


from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved