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Supernatural is a concept album that explores the strange, the unknown and the things that go bump in the night. It employs a blend of electronica, hip-hop, funk, downbeat and spoken word.


released October 13, 2012

Special credits: Original beats and lyrics created, produced and written by Anthony Iozzo (Super Garlic vs. Funky Onion) with these additions.
Poltergeist: Dialogue samples from Tea and Sympathy and Apollo 13.
Epic Tale of George McClintock von Weiss: Excerpts from George Orwell’s 1984.
Are you afraid of the light?: Samples from Dark Victory, North by Northwest and Cars.
Unintentional lobotomy: Sample from The Breakfast Club (I figure all I need is a lobotomy).
Lovecraftian Nightmare: Excerpts read from H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness,” The Shadow Out of Time,” The Shadows over Innsmouth,” Call Of Cthulhu” and “The Lurking Fear.”

Cover Art: Victoria Vlisides
Booklet design: Anthony Iozzo
All photos and booklet writing by Anthony Iozzo: except Welcome to Carnival of Horrors by Alanna Medearis.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Supernatural
Icy cold wind climbs up your spine
You must find all the bugs on your mind
Cause a supernatural feeling binds
The spirit, not a ghostly vision
This isn’t science fiction
It’s the law of conservation of energy
Synergy with the parts of your brain we use rarely
Yet we are left to intercept the waves of the dead
To decipher the reason we live with a thick head
You said, I don’t believe in werewolves
As the beast of bray road rips off your ear lobe
Feeds it to its ego, oh shit, is that Vigo?
Or maybe a giant Sloar, you can’t run from the lore
That the paranormal leaves at your front door
So pack your bags and run and hide
You can’t escape the supernatural slide
All that have tried were left bitten, loss of pride
As the worlds collide

Remember that there are nice, decent. Honest people
Ones that you call your friends but others lurk, creepers
The evil ones who lie and cheat and steal
So when a person dies, the law of conservation of energy still complies
Since it clearly states the person’s essence is not lost, it simply escapes
And floats around, mixing and matching into our escapades
When you feel angry, did you ever think that an evil spirit
Was trying to possess, maybe the screams you make
Were really just attempts to take your body as a host
A possession for his greed and unloving gestures
And the maybe when you smile, a loved one
Really just passed through like warmth from the sun
Maybe the shiver was really a hug
And maybe we are never alone
By the way, with the rules on matter and mass and energy
Wouldn’t the end of the universe simply be
The end of the theory. I believe there is no such thing.
It will forever breed paranormal, supernatural happenings
As it expands into a new oblivion.

I came across a strange scene in a dream I had
Or at least I think it was a dream
But standing in a white room was a group of people I knew to be deceased
Some artists, some musicians, some family, some friends, some just dressed from another time
I stood there waiting for the first words to be uttered
And a sweet girl looked my way
She walked over, my mind a flutter
The room glistened despite an absence of sunlight
Like I was inside a fluorescent bulb
But the room wasn’t white like the heaven in many myths
It was white like the rays from the ideas we get
You know what I mean
It was comforting but at the same time unsettling
The girl reached out for my hand and whispered in my ear.
“Who are you?,” she asked
I suddenly saw the white room turn into a forest with a stream
Then to a stage, then to my bedroom
Then to the thousands of parties I had been to
Hundreds of conversations, memories of interests I take for granted
I turned and caught her eyes, they sparkled like the Fourth of July
And I realized the answer was simple.
I opened my mouth and spoke the truth.
“Who am I? I am alive”
Track Name: Undesirable, invisible ghost
And as I float down.
And as I slow down.
The world we know is just a ghost, a shell of a sound.
And we have nowhere to run or hide.
Abide by the rules of life.
Fuck that.
I’d rather just love.
I’d rather just lay numb .
I’d rather just thumb through the pages of a story,
and throw reality into a blender.
Cause your negative nature
carves my wooden heart.
And to live is to start,
but to pull out the slivers leaves holes that won’t plug.
Sour tastes, your words are tart.
Blood drips down my chest.
An invisible man, all that’s left.

And I lie awake every night just to shake the demons from my head.
Now lay me down to bed.
And if I die before I wake,
you’ll probably just beg for forgiveness,
as the salty stains instill false happiness.

My style is a riot.
I rage invisible, no crying,
just masterful words
that keep me from dying.
Track Name: Poltergeist
Is it a weakness?
Trust is brittle, I’m speechless.
Pain teaches,
no one can truly reach us.
So we wander on a lonely road.
Trying to find your true love,
oops, you forgot to grow.
Find yourself, lose control.
Be human.
Fuck the toils and the troubles.
We can rise above it.
Instead, you’re caught in a web.
Connected, you stretch.
Pulled every which way, you call out in distress.
But no one can hear your screams,
because they are lost in a dream.
And the only one who knows your reasons
for believing in whatever you choose,
is you …
Track Name: Epic tale of George McClintock von Weiss
Mysteries I must upkeep

The name is George McClintock Von Weiss
An Alter ego, a personality sprayin advice
don’t forget me, I am the inspiration for the term poltergeist
The first meeting, you were lost,
But I thought to give you life’s secret, religion is false,
Just paranoid magic ,
I’m not saying god is fake, but my beliefs say that a large alien creates comics and brings them to life as homosapiens.
I wander, I discover, I adventure into the vast realities of society.
Stop yelling at me.
Sorry, sometimes I hear voices and
Like a computer virus, life attacked my sleeping habits

When the darkness comes, I dream in static.

This is the epic tale, a glimpse, into the future, its provisions
Question. What is the digital stamp that lies on your back? Listen, it attacks your Individuality, you lack the ability to perceive reality,
Mental mortality, what a tragedy!

I am a nomad, and honesty is all that’s left of my sanity.
A dirty fallacy, poetic memories.

The stash reveals statuses for the masses until the drunkness crashes

When I was born
I mourned
Because I was scorned
With hope of
Something more
But as I grew
You hid, no clues
And no one cared to find the truth
No more journals
No more documents, papers,
Just digital, biblical fantasy
Spoken through a reverend’s RSS feed,
Swirling around by blogs,
posted on social sites with ease
And I knew I had to journey
Be the one to teach,
But it is hard to knock people off
Their clouds, hit the ground, screaming,
“Reality shouldn’t make me frown.”
So when you hear those independent sounds
People thinking instead of reciting, remixing
We learn that anyone can be profound.
And now you know my goal
Teach the world to just go, put your mind to it,
Accomplish everything.
And if you don’t respect my findings
Try and stop me Big Brother because you may
Have created your enemy but
Goldstein ain’t got shit on me.
Track Name: Are you afraid of the light?
Why are people afraid of the dark?
maybe light is a spark for the arc,
a circular prism, a bookmark.
An Eye orgasm, we scream.
The gleam on the windshield
steals the dreams. We look, can’t see.
But the more we fight the sight of light’s blinding embrace,
our innocence fades. It is too late.
Reality’s landscape, takes your faith

Why are people afraid of the light?
Maybe darkness is an invisible cloak for the realness.
What I mean is, the shadows are shameless,
and they don’t want to tame us.
Listen, the wind howls to warn us,
that the night wants us torn, thrust into the fog,
a mindless drone, hidden and alone.
Easy to trip when the cord blends into the stone
of the dank, damp basement, where darkness is home.

Why are people afraid of the balance?
Maybe because it equals gray,
a boring disarray of prism’s crazy paint.
Even black and white tends to give color.
So a balanced life is boring; so is one side or the other.
So we tend to mix together,
stellar thoughts from mouth to ear,
a circular prism, a bookmark.
Our innocence fades. It is too late.
Reality’s landscape, takes your faith.

I lie awake. Insomnia’s dream is my reality.
Why the fuck am I up at 3 a.m.?
Maybe because I feel that more needs to be done.
Never satisfied with what I’ve read.
What I love tends to hate me in the end.
Go ahead, I dare you to act tough.
You know your friends; you know you need them.
Why is it that a group never wants you?
Is it because you’re different? Or because you’re distant?
How can you talk about old times if there weren’t any?
You can be nice, sweet, whatever you like.
Doesn’t make much difference.
Cause they are all afraid of the light, the night, the balance,
and everything in between.
Track Name: Raging zombies
My insides are flowing with a fever,
a quiver, that delivers a woob woob,
raging zombies stepping up to dinner.
With an appetite to lose control, take flight,
a sight to behold.
A fight to numb to the core, your brain wants more
cause its sick of the world and its complex storms.
Can’t escape, your heart will race.
Nothing to face but a seizure, an orgasmic taste,
a cure, just open up another door,
toasting vodka, gin and whisky on the dance floor.
This is an anthem of a new time, so find your partner
and get ready to grind with all the fine bitches you find.
Let the raging zombies take over and ride until the end of time

The raging zombies attack.
Facts of life detract from all the hype.
Janky vibes, lurking round the corner of the room.
Bloodthirsty moans,
we begin to swoon.
No clues, a lesson, more being turned by the second.
Start the engines, bent on destinations.
The president sets a precedent.
Lose yourself, the only fucking cure.
Why is everything going to static?
Scores of frantic panic for the volcanic masses.
An escape,
now bounce fast and ride until the end of time.
A mind-numbing quest as the raging zombies dine
Track Name: A secret from beyond the grave
A secret from beyond the grave.
Lights out, another dimension in time.
Blast off, the past coming to life in a cemetery’s shockwave.

And as we slave away, the ghosts will have their say.

Sometimes I awake to find the lights on,
but then they flicker like an invisible song.
A morse code? Maybe this is how Lovecraft and Poe
started to show us the darker side of the world.
Don’t forgot about Bloch, he taught us the Psycho
that lies within us all.
Haven’t you ever written a poem?
Or ever listened to music alone?
And those are just metaphors for scores of mindfucks
that our brains throw.

Some of us scream from our lungs through our throat,
out of the mouth, waves of Let’s Go!

There is only one secret, and it is based off a recent
discovery of a blatant, frequent, ancient realization.
We are slaves to the universe.
Religion is just a transformation to an escape artist.
No one knows what lies beyond the stars, just a lot of speculation.
We haven’t even reached the edge of our own galaxy or touched the vacuum of the vastness of space, light lost in a black hole.
So the next time you look up to the sky,
think, ponder, visualize,
as the stars mesmerize.

And the truth is whispered into her ears,
“You are not alone, my dear.”

The secret from the beyond the stars is the same as the ones at our funerals (x2)
What’s next?
Wait – the secret is just another question without an answer?
Excuse me; I need more time to think about my future.
Track Name: Lovecraftian nightmare
Sitting alone in the dark
A light, a spark, pop,
Hark, who enters my hallow abode,
A creature, tentacles swarm, oh no!
Sinister plots give way to the deep one’s storm,
cloaked men chant, words, tones, in sync
A hood falls, demonic red eyes, green scaly skin
You reach behind your back without a grin, grab the whiskey to gain some wits,
Pull out the whip, Smack, there goes a fish, whack, escape now,
Its your only chance, slip out!
Better find the gate that the abominations came from
You wander the streets of Arkham, searching houses one by one,
Now you know, the gate is at the Unnamable
Shaking you leap, around you go, you gasp in horror
You lie in a swamp of red and green tentacle worms,
Find the gate or you will surely perish,
Sure enough, your biggest fear, a hideous monster appears
You fight for your life, death is near, a giant chtlonian attacks, all its might,
Your enchanted sword delivers quite a blow, you survive the fright
Reach the goal, now close the portal,
But alas, you have only shut one,
A migo swoops at the setting sun surprisin, You awake in the asylum,
But no one believes your tales of the unknown that will break through the horizon,
Your words go unheard, Suddenly you see him,
The scaly demon laughs,
Gates pop, 1, 2, 3, streets slither in shadows, 4, 5, 6, so close to the end of it, 7, 8, 9, Thoughts not kind, 10, 11, 12,
You delve into complete madness,
But don’t worry, no need to fight the cultists,
The ancient one arises, no match for its power
Your devoured.