Craving connections

from by Super Garlic vs. Funky Onion



Dialogue samples from Space Ghost, Hogan's Heroes, X-Files, Mission Impossible, The Beverly Hillbillies, Home Improvement, Laugh-In and Star Trek the Original Series.


Chorus: I lie and I wait
For the connection
I sigh and berate
The lack of affection
No satisfaction
When will I find
A new vibe
And drive

Bumping the music through the streets
To express me
And celebrate you, plant the seed
In minds as the rhymes
Spit out speakers
Like independent creatures
Telling a story
Rehashing adventure, experience, the glory
And the evil that provides a balanced personality

And now your character is alive
The name echoes, time passes
And the sounds bounce and die
Reborn, they ride the waves
And surf until it fades
Cyclical games

Sitting back, I hide from the cracks
Until they become gaping holes
And then I jump and attack
So I can pull them back and close
The seeping memories, my muse
And the clues it gives
To my existence
It's really just a distortion of my experience
Cause I am not the child I was in grade school
And I’m not the dude in high school
No, not even that fly mutha from college,
I am just a conglomeration, a collage
And my stories are the only thing that can reveal a piece of who I am



from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved