Chorus: Workin on beats with a case of beer all by my lonesome
but have a big smile on my face as the synths reveal my emotions.
No tears. No anger. No fears.
Just me and my work station.
Can't you hear? This is the anthem of the year, screams made through a system,
an instrumental that bears all and reveals rhythms
stored away within the caverns of my mind.
Take a listen,
the truth you might find.

Working on a thesis
My heart synthesizes
Sympathizes, splits its love
Paralyzes, I’m stuck,
And the only way out
Is to shout, freedom!
Instances of silence
Awakened by a lioness
Not the finest hour
To discover
Life that isn’t vinegar. Just happiness
But sitting back never solved passionless
with asinine madness, no one is saved,
drama, anger, none of it pays,
Planets circle in the sky,
cyclical, they sing, they cry,
Stories, fables of star giants,
Epic poetry, timeless, winding, blinding,
Environments made to be binding,
Unforgiving to change
But what about the galaxy, the Milky Way?
It stretches and spins to different destinations, begins again
The stars dance within, pons in a game no one can win,

I am the galaxy, you are the stars,
Rhythmic truths, you rage in between my mind and my heart



from Nomadic Lover, released December 7, 2013



all rights reserved